Statistics & Surveys

Post-Mastectomy Statistics & Professional Surveys

Statistics tell all. How many Post Mastectomy Fitters are there? Where are the most post-mastectomy services provided? What is the average number of year’s experience? These and other questions are vital to proving the real need for post-mastectomy services and professionals.

The Post Mastectomy Care Profession consists of several thousand trained and certified fitters providing healthcare services through a variety of locations and business models.

A large part of the AABCP Mission is to gather and analyze accurate statistical information about the post-mastectomy profession, business and reimbursement trends. The Association continuously collects this data throughout the year through independent, confidential polls & surveys.

All information from Surveys and polls is kept confidential and separate from the respondents. This information helps AABCP develop a better understanding of the needs of its members and the post-mastectomy profession at large.