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Raise Public Awareness

A comprehensive campaign to expand public awareness & understanding of the true nature of post mastectomy services.


Research & Industry Surveys

Developing academic partnerships furthering the profession through statistical surveys and outcomes research.


Certification & Licensing

Working with individuals to navigate the certification, accreditation and licensing process.


Building Relationships

The AABCP Network Fostering a sense of community and a single focus for all stakeholders by building new relationships and engaging social media.


Professional Education

Supporting the post mastectomy & breast health profession through education and opportunities.


Political Advocacy & Outreach

Defending through State and Federal advocacy the ability of Certified Post Mastectomy Fitters to provide quality, affordable care.

Our knowledge Your benefit

The AABCP gathers the best educators, speakers and business mentors in order to provide unique and insightful professional advancement, business development, certification and regulatory education.

  • Certified PM Health Coach
  • Webinars
  • Certification Exam Prep
  • Boot Camps
  • Fitting Classes
  • Business Seminars
  • Business Fellowship Program

Upcoming Events

all-day Nearly Me: Fitter Class-Advanced @ Medtrade
Nearly Me: Fitter Class-Advanced @ Medtrade
Oct 21 all-day
Advanced Course “Fitting the Easy & Difficult Mastectomy Patient” – An upper level, advanced course on the more intricate fitting problems associated with a variety of mastectomy products. Course approved by ABC & BOC.
all-day Neary Me: Fitter Class-Entry Level @ Waco, TX
Neary Me: Fitter Class-Entry Level @ Waco, TX
Nov 5 all-day
Entry Level School for Mastectomy Fitter Certification – Comprehensive mastectomy fitter course outlining entire scope of patient / fitter relationship including the fitting environment, measuring and fitting breast prostheses and bras on a live model.[...]
all-day Nearly Me: Fitter Class-Intermed... @ Waco, TX
Nearly Me: Fitter Class-Intermed... @ Waco, TX
Nov 6 all-day
Intermediate School “How to Fit Mastectomy Products” – An intermediate level fitter course beyond the “basics” of sizing and fitting breast prostheses and bras. Group discussion with numerous fitting examples. Course approved by ABC &[...]

Mini Boot Camps

    October 10, 2014: Chattanooga, TN

    Tennessee Society of O/P Meeting

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    October 27, 2014: EL PASO TX

      Good for all Jurisdictions

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    November 10, 2014: Clanton, AL

    In Association with the Alabama Prosthetics & Orthtoics Association

      6+ hours of Post Mastectomy Education including 2 Hour Ethics

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